Primary Treatment Phase – 28 Day Treatment

Primary Treatment Phase

Able To Change Recovery alcohol and drug rehab program offers Residential Treatment (RTC), Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Extended Care and Intensive Outpatient treatment programs.

The RTC and PHP level of care are intensive primary care programs consisting of multiple group therapy sessions during the day, 6 days a week. The clients will also see a State Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor once a week.

Clients participate in physical activity attending the gym 6 days a week as well as participating in local outside 12-Step meetings in the commuity. Along with the daily group therapy sessions the client and their families attend the Multi-Family group every Friday night and the two day Family Weekend hosted by our MFT once a month.

Addiction Treatment Primary Phase RTC/PHP:

  • Primary Treatment Phase – 28 Days;
  • Minimum 25 hours of group therapy, individual counseling, and family program;
  • At least 10 hours of other recovery-related activities;

The client enters the program on a 24-hour supervised level of orientation that decreases with client stability and progress over a two-week period. Staff accompanies the client to all scheduled treatment and outside recovery activities.

In the first week of their Primary Treatment, the client undergoes a psychiatric evaluation to address co-occurring and/or substance induced mood disorders followed by a comprehensive state-of-the-art Computer-Assisted Addiction Severity Index (ASI) assessment that identifies problem severity in seven major life areas (Medical, Psychiatric, Family/Social, Employment, Legal, Spirituality, and Drug/Alcohol use) in order to prioritize problems and needs.

The information is forwarded to the client’s assigned primary counselor who meets with the client individually to develop an individualized, goal-oriented Master Treatment Plan for the next 30 days. Our clinical team, who approves the client’s appropriateness for chemical dependency treatment, reviews the clinical assessment and treatment plan, and addresses medication and/or psychiatric needs with our psychiatrist for dual diagnosis clients.

Certified counselors and licensed therapists will facilitate education and process group sessions 4 times per day, Monday-Saturday. Our Tai Chi and Yoga Instructors meet with clients weekly to provide Holistic Healing Arts therapy. Our Nutritionist will see clients on Saturday mornings to educate clients on health and nutrition as it relates to one’s recovery.

Clients will also participate in gender-specific groups; and depending upon the client’s individual needs, he/she may be required to attend weekly anger-management or co-occurring disorders group, and/or will participate in our Family Program. In addition to the treatment plan, the client will be required to meet with his/her primary chemical dependency counselor on a weekly basis and work toward meeting goals and objectives of the treatment plan.

As a component of the treatment program, clients will participate in 12-step Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous activities, including sponsorship, daily 12-step community meetings, and 12-step work assignments issued at orientation. Clients will also participate in daily fitness activities. On weekends clients can visit with family and/or attend scheduled recreational activities.

Upon completion of the clients Primay Care, the Treatment Evaluation Team will review the client’s progress and revise his/her treatment plan for clients transitioning into Extended Care or prepare a discharge plan.

Primary Treatment Phase – 28 Day Treatment

28 Day Treatment
Primary Treatment Phase

  • 28 Days;
  • Certified counselors;
  • Licensed Therapist;
  • Gender-specific groups;
  • Daily fitness activities;

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56 Day Treatment
Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Individual counseling;
  • Group sessions;
  • Employment activities;
  • School activities;
  • Job search program;

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84 Day Treatment
Intensive Treatment Program

  • Exit phase;
  • Alumni Group Therapy;
  • Minimal supervision;
  • Daily 12-Step meetings;
  • Outpatient treatment;

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CARF Accredited

lovinghandsCARF accreditation was awarded to Able to Change Recovery for its Residential Treatment Programs, Day Treatment Programs, and Intensive Outpatient Programs. The mission of CARF is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process that centers on enhancing the lives of the persons served. This means that you can rest assured that you or your loved-one will be in the care of an addiction rehab recognized for it’s superior standards of care and excellence in results.

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