“Able to change has been nothing but accommodating for me since I arrived here. I was meet with friendly faces as soon as I walked in the door. (Tommy is a great welcoming committee) He laid out a plan of action for me, got me set up with my counselor, and showed me where I was going to be living. The counselors have been so helpful in the short time I have been working with them. The groups we have daily are very informative and shine new light on my addiction. They give me a new perspective and a positive outlook on my everyday life. Kudos to Able to Change! ❤”

“I would like to send a big thank you to all the staff that helped me and supported me throughout this journey it was the best experience I have had. I would totally recommend this facility for anyone who is in need of professional guidance in their life. The staff are professional in every aspect in every point- as for the facility it is clean and organized, they provide you with every amenity for your daily session. The staff are so professional they make you feel comfortable.”

“I am forever grateful for this program. When I came to Able to Change it was the 15th rehab I had checked into in 5 years. I felt lost, hopeless, and I really didn’t see a future for myself. This program provided me with the safe and clean living environment that I needed to heal. The counseling and therapy was beyond anything I had experienced in any other facility. The group counseling also provided in-depth knowledge on addiction and was very interactive. You can tell the staff at the facility as well as at the houses really care about the clients. I stayed here for 4 months, this places saved me. Today I am happy and free. I would recommend this place to anyone struggling with addiction.”

“Coming to able to change saved my life. I was in a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol and I did not see a way out, I called Able to Change and Tommy got me in after medical detox. The staff here have led me to a place of responsibility and understanding of my condition. I now know what it means to be happy that I am sober which was never the case before. I have been able to look at causes and conditions which are under the surface of my addiction. Thank you able to change, you gave a son his father back, and a loving family their son and brother back.”

“My time here at Able to Change has been an amazing experience. I've gained so much from all of the counselors and support staff. It’s been truly a blessing to have had the opportunity to begin my recovery here. I've been given the tools, support and confidence I needed to have a truly successful recovery. I'd like to personally Thank Tommy for welcoming me in this program, and to my terrific house manager for making a truly happy home.”

“I was skeptical of rehabs when I came in to Able to Change, but I'm leaving a believer. Everything that a good rehab should have is provided at able to change. You have access to 12 step meetings as well as a physician, psychiatrist and therapist. I felt a sense of family here that I have never felt before in my life. They truly want to see you thrive. My case manager successfully fought hard against my insurance company to get me as much time as I needed. Every house that I stayed in through Able to Change was clean and comfortable. I can't recommend this facility enough. If you are struggling with addiction don't hesitate to give Able to Change a call. My experience here is one of the best things to ever happen to me in my life.”

“Able to Change Recovery is an amazing rehabilitation center in San Juan Capistrano, CA. I was an in-patient client at this facility from August 2013 – November 2013 and I have nothing but amazing things to say about the family and friends I gained while in treatment. Everyone, from the intake staff, to the nurse, to the office staff, to the counselors, to the volunteers to the resident advisors to the President, to the owners who are amazing people who take pride in their jobs and truly want to help addicts and alcoholics get their lives back. I love that Able to Change not only helps you recover from substance abuse, but they also help you become a productive member of society again. They provided beautiful in-patient residences and wonderful groups that include Yoga and Thi-Chi and provided gym memberships for exercise. I am so happy to have been about to experience Able to Change and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a helping hand.
The are the best!”

Jesica M.Glen Allen, VA

I am writing as a former client who is still very close to the program. I did 30 days residential, 60 days IOP AND still in their After Care Program. I am also writing as a young female, whom works in the treatment field (and have for years). Yes, A little ironic that I was an alcoholic working in the field, but it happens! Now that being said, when I was searching for treatment, I was extremely picky for good reason (I knew how treatment worked). I knew the difference between facilities who ACTUALLY CARE, verses those whom do not.

THIS IS BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST TREATMENT OUT THERE. I was in shock at the 1:1’s provided to every client. They really individualized treatment according to each client. The owner Saralyn and her son Chris, really care about what is going on with everyone! All the counselors really care as well. I am still part of Alumni because I never wanted to leave. The houses are also so beautiful, with house managers that really care about the clients recovery.

As for the program, we woke up early and went to a meeting before groups. In group therapy I learned about the real reason why I was using the way I was. The real hurt I was going through, and learned how to deal with the UNDERLYING issue-whig is what treatment is all about. You are allowed to use you laptop, TV and cell phone. Sundays where open for family to come over and relax with you!
I grew very close to all the girls there, and we are still like a tight nit family.”

J G.San Juan Capistrano, CA

“Able to Change Recovery is a top notch recovery program. They were everything that I could have hoped for in a recovery program. When I couldn’t stop drinking and was about to lose my family and my job, I checked into Able to Change in January 2014 and haven’t had a drink since! I feel like a man and owe a lot of that to ATCR.
They have an amazing program. The counselors are awesome and have a lot of compassion and knowledge of recovery. The house managers are cool and very open and helpful. We had a great daily regiment full of group counseling, one on one counseling exercise, and also an AA meeting almost everyday. (which I this is critical) I got so much out of the program, especially for the group sessions where we got into some real deep yet practical things. They give you many tools not just to keep from drinking or using drugs, but also tools to help cope with life on life’s terms. ATCR is also very affordable for recovery programs and accepted my insurance.
I actually enjoyed my time there, not because of daily massages of spa like experiences, but because I was emerged in recovery and developing myself by leaps and bounds. It was the first time in awhile that I was moving forward in the right direction in my life, and that felt good.
I would highly recommend Able to Change Recovery to anybody who needs help stopping drinking and /orusing drugs. This place really works!”

Russel S.San Marcos, CA

“I used ABLE TO CHANGE RECOVERY for my nephew. They go above and beyond. My nephew is clean and now running a sober club at his college.”

Carol R.Laguna Niguel, CA

“As a former client of Able to Change Recovery (2008), I can attest that it is everything it claims to be. ATCR is a good, solid clinical program from it’s process and administrative staff to it’s residential support staff to ti’s counseling staff. I opted to stay for a three-monthprogram and it gave me the structure and guidance and tools I needed to maintain early and long-term recovery. I am proud to say I have remained sober and could not have done that without Able to Change Recovery.”

Patricia B.Traduce Canyon, CA

“Able to Change Recovery easily exceeds expectations concerning the treatment of chemically dependent loved ones. ATCR saves countless lives by providing their clients with every possible advantage that can be provided by a treatment center in Orange County. As a former client, I credit much of my livelihood and newfound joy in living to my experience at ATCR.
The positives from a surface level include phenomenally well kept and beautiful home for residents. A place where clients can easily be set up for successful sober living without many distractions that plague other similar options in the area. Looking deeper to the inner workings of the company the most memorable and essential source of supper too clients comes from the outstanding house managers, responsible for guiding clients through a productive routine in a day to day life, and the fantastically knowledgeable treatment counselors whom conduct educational groups for clients, as well as (just as important) the families of their clients. I never once felt hopeless or lost while in contact with any of the hired staff at ATCR.
The only shortcoming that I noticed as a resident at ATCR was in the business administration side of the equation. Although this had little if anything to do with my success in starting a sober life, it did leave me a bit frustrated at eh inability of some office staff members to readily communicate with clients. I lived in the facility for almost and entire calendar year and never once met the owner or whoever was in charge (although, those who have claim she is a fantastic woman). I feel at times some of my irritation was caused not by ineptitude of personal, or lacking in effort, but rather a workload too great for such few number of talented and inspiring individuals. I just would suggest establishing a consistent avenue for communication between clients and office staff.
I continue to lead a sober life today. Built upon the habits and knowledge I attained from my stay at ATCR, the quality of my life as well as the relationships with friends and family far exceed what I thought was possible previous to this experience. I would highly suggest anybody in need of treatment in South Orange County area consider Able to cChange Recovery. It saved my live.”

Kevin C.San Clemente, CA

“My daughter and been at Able to Change Recovery for nearly five months now due to special circumstances. I have found this facility to be very professional and informative, not only to the resident but for the whole family as well. The growth I have seen in my daughter during this time is amazing. She is now a confident and productive young lady, who knows her limits, is able to deal with adversity and has a plan to achieve the high goals she had set out for herself prior to her addiction.
The staff as a whole is very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of addiction. Every Friday night is family night and although I have only attend a couple of these sessions since I live to of the art, I have found them to be very, very informative and useful to understand the addictive behavior. I also attended family weekend which again was very informative to both understand the addict as well as the entire family structure as a whole.
As far as the living arrangements I would like to rebuttal the previous review. I have found the house manager has been a very compassionate, sincere, respectful and a loving “mom” to my daughter. She has “been there and done that” and has been in this business for a long time and doesn’t put up with any of the “games” the girls may want to play which led them to their addiction in the first place. She is neither co-dependent nor an enabler which is what these girls need to get out of their addictive behavior. I love her to death and my daughter does as well. How could I ever thank her enough for all she has done to bring my daughter out of “the dark” and into the light of day again?
Special accolades as well to Saralyn, Ron, Paul, Mike, Cindy, Pat, Michelle and Ashley and who ever else I missed that have been helping my daughter.
Able to Change has a great team.
Thank you all so much!!”

Patti A.Antelope, CA

“Able to Change Recovery changed my life last year! Their office staff, counselors and house managers are all incredible people. They truly care about your recovery and tailor each treatment plan to meet the needs of each individual. ATCR has a comprehensive program that teaches it’s patients about the disease of addiction and the fundamentals of the 12-Step program. In addition, they teach groups on nutrition and exercise in order to help the body recover from the damage addiction can cause. They also try to include the family in the treatment of the patient, having “Family Weekend” once a month to help educate the patients loved ones. I spent 30 days in the program and would highly recommend their facility.”

Jill W.Aliso Viejo, CA

“I attended the program for 90 days in 2009. It is a very down to earth place and the counselors are excellent. I had unfortunately been to a few recovery centers and this one was on of the best. Billy and Ron were particularly notable because of their personal experience with recovery. The meetings that we attended during treatment were really good ones and helped to make that transition in to the community which is the key to lasting sobriety. I saw the counselors open the eyes of many kids that may have been used to just being told what to do and this is truly and amazing quality. Although I didn’t stay sober after attending the program-I did eventually get and stay sober and attended school to be a registered nurse. This is a good place with real values. In Orange County it’ seems like there are a million recover centers that are out there and a lot don’t always live up the what they show on their websites and unfortunately are there to make money.”

Sarah K.Palm Desert, CA

“Back in 1008 I liked Able to Change when I was researching rehabs for my son because they didn’t push for a sale. (Like other places>. I did extensive research before selecting ATCR. The staff is amazing. My son was so far gone he wouldn’t have lived much longer. I credit ATCR for saving him. Able to Change is truly one of the best rehabs in Orange County.”

Laura L.Irvine, CA

“Able to Change was my sixth rehab for my drug addiction. Their staff is amazing from the counselors to the house managers and everyone in between. Usually at rehab your lucky if you get one amazing staff member but Saralyn has managed to put together a team that delivers a top notch experience from start to end. Able to change has allowed me to move on with my life without the life destroying addiction that was killing me. I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone there. If a member of my family was struggling with an addiction I would not hesitated to get them in touch with Able to Change.”

Bashar F.Costa Mesa, CA

“Yes, a 5 Star Review because my son is alive today. After 4+_ tries in rehabs and counseling we found Able to change. Even though everyone you talk to will tell you that nothing will work until the addict is ready to accept help, I truly believe that Able to Change had the right mix of staff and counseling programs to help my son. He is here today because of them. They were a key factor to brining his self-esteem back which is so important to recovery.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Anonymous A.Chatsworth, CA

“I was at Able to Change for 3 months. It’s the counselors and staff that make any rehab a place of positive growth and change. ATCR had the right combination of very special counselors (Ron and Billy in particular) combined with a staff that was understanding, helpful and experienced. The primary care treatment schedule was uniquely tailored, well balanced and planned; from groups and 1:1 counseling, to twelve step meetings and spirituality in recovery, daily fitness to life-skills and so much more. The program and schedule integrate the “whole-being” and that made the life-altering difference in guiding me to view life from an entirely new perspective — Predictably, I came to ATCR not wanting to be there…but after 3 months, I wanted to stay longer! I’ve been clean and sober now for 10 years plus )Jan. 7th sober date) and I’m grateful for LIFE every morning!
Even after moving to the mountains and 15 ultra-marathons later, I still stay in touch with staff and friends at ATCR…my Southern California family–I would never hesitate to recommend Able to Change Recovery to anyone needing help. It’s an amazing, life-saving program.”

Dan J.Tahoe City, CA

“I can tell you that Able to Change gave our daughter the care and treatment that helped save her and is now giving her the chance to help others change their lives for the better.
Thank you Able to Change.”

J C.Fredericksburg, VA

“We choose ATCR when we realized our daughter needed help, of course we did lots of research- but this was the only place I could really see her- and my instinct was right. The moment we arrived- everyone was so kind and helpful- Maggie, Ashley and Chase to name a few. The house moms are wonderful also- Beth and Jeannie, -they both gave my daughter the respect and discipline she needed- truly amazing. Altho it’s just the first step to her recovery we are so grateful to ATCR- for opening not only my daughters eyes- but our eyes to the issues she was dealing with, and healthy ways to continue down her path of sobriety. Her counselor Tim was awesome too, she has made friends that I believe will be lifelong here- they not only teach young adults how to be sober- they truly care.”

SabrinaLaguna Niguel, CA

“I am a 52 year old woman that has been addicted to drugs and alcohol since I was thirteen years old. I have sought treatment at two other twelve step based in-patient 30 day chemical dependency programs before coming to Able to Change Recovery, unfortunately shortly after leaving treatment in the past I would relapse within days. Abele to Change Recovery is not just a typical twelve step program their program taught me why my disease of addiction made me hurt my family and loved ones countless times in the past due to my addiction to alcohol, and drugs. I was finally given the tools for the first time in my life how to combat my disease of alcoholism, and addiction. I was a resident of their women’s sober living home in Dana Point, CA while I attended intensive chemical dependency classes at their corporate headquarters in San Juan Capistrano, CA that were taught by their amazing certified chemical dependency counselors. I also attended classes for Nutritions, Tai-Chi and Chi-Gong, Yoga, Twelve Step Meetings, and daily workouts at their gym over looking the Dana Point harbor. Able to Change Recovery has given me back a life beyond my wildest dreams I am now the mother, grandmother, sister, and friend that my loved ones have longed for while I was drinking and using. I want to give a special thank you first to Saralyn for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I want to say thank you to all the amazing staff at the corporate offices for the extra mile they go to working with the insurance companies and families to insure your treatment, and recovery. I will be forever grateful to everyone at Able to Change Recovery Inc. for everything they have done to help me!
Valera P. a very grateful alumni.”

Valena P.Rimforest, CA