Primary Treatment Phase

“From Start To Finish, We Walk With You On Your Journey To Recovery. If You're Willing We Are Able”

The client enters the program on a 24-hour supervised level of orientation that decreases with client stability and progress over a two-week period. Staff accompanies the client to all scheduled treatment and outside recovery activities. The RTC and PHP level of care are intensive primary care programs consisting of multiple group therapy sessions during the day, 6 days a week. The clients will also see a State Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor once a week.

We Offer A Family Program

We recognize addiction as a “family disease” and believe that the family component is an integral part of the addict/alcoholic maintaining their sobriety. Our more intensive family program is available for client’s who have completed a minimum of 2 weeks in the program, and is facilitated once a month. Our “Intensive Family Group” is a full day opportunity for families and friends to learn about addiction, treatment, and recovery, as well as how families are affected by addiction and the post treatment environment.

Contact the administration offices for more information regarding family programs and how to participate.