Phase 3 of our residential addiction treatment program is the ‘Exit’ phase. After completing Phase 1 and Phase 2 our 90-day program includes Phase 3. This phase is the planning phase for long-term addiction rehabilitation and is designed specifically to help our clients begin to plan for overcoming addiction and alcoholism. Phase 3 is included in our 90-day residential treatment program.

In the final phase of the residential treatment, the client begins planning his/her discharge from the program and prepares for re-entry to the community. The client is under minimal supervision and is required to attend our Alumni group therapy session on Wednesday evening. Options are available to continue individual and family counseling if needed. Daily 12-Step meetings and activities will continue to strengthen his/her support network and the client is encouraged to support primary care phase one program activities as a peer leader.

We Offer A Family Program

We recognize addiction as a “family disease” and believe that the family component is an integral part of the addict/alcoholic maintaining their sobriety. Our more intensive family program is available for client’s who have completed a minimum of 2 weeks in the program, and is facilitated once a month. Our “Intensive Family Group” is a full day opportunity for families and friends to learn about addiction, treatment, and recovery, as well as how families are affected by addiction and the post treatment environment.

Contact the administration offices for more information regarding family programs and how to participate.